Character Hardwood Flooring

Although we specialize in reclaimed wood, we also offer a few varieties of new character wood including some wide plank options. Character grade wood is the most natural and varied of wood flooring grades and includes knots and color variations. It is also sometimes referred to as natural grade. Our character flooring is made from real solid hardwood and is available in sizes from 3-8 inches wide.

Character White Oak Flooring

This is by far our most popular character flooring option. Oak is known far and wide for its beautiful appearance as well as its durability.

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Character 8″ Wide Plank White Oak Flooring

Along with all of our other character wood flooring our white oak is available in wide plank. Wide plank is usually used in larger rooms to better display the character of the wood.

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Character Unsteamed Walnut Flooring

We have milled many walnut logs at our facility and much of it has been milled to flooring. If you are looking for an unusually dark floor then walnut is a good option. Our main walnut product has been graded to exclude almost all of the white sapwood.

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Character Marble Walnut Flooring

Our marble walnut has been graded to include more of the sapwood. If you are wanting a walnut floor with more color variation at a lower price then this is a good option.

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Character Steamed Walnut Flooring

Steamed walnut has been treated with steam in order to make a more uniform color.

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Character Ash Flooring

Ash wood has a distinct figure similar to oak but significantly lighter in color. It is fairly hard and durable and is an economical option.

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Character Maple Flooring

Maple flooring is has a lighter and less distinct grain than most other hardwoods. It is fairly hard and durable though.

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Character Hickory Flooring

Of all the hardwoods, Hickory is one of the most varied and rustic in it’s appearance. It is also one of the most durable. It is commonly used in places such as cabins where a more rustic appearance is desired.

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