About Reclaimed Wood Paneling and Flooring

Our business was started in 2004 and from the beginning it was focused on repurposing old barn wood and other reclaimed wood. Our business has grown over the years and we’ve also expanded our range of products. Today, our main focus is in flooring and wall paneling although we also offer tables, shelves, and custom box beams. Daniel Leid, the owner, was raised in a woodworking family and has experience in making a wide variety of wood products from both new and reclaimed wood.

There is a long process involved in making our products. It often starts with the weathering. Different types of wood in the form of fences and barns are exposed to sunlight, wind and rain. This produces a rich color varying from silver to dark brown as well as providing an interesting texture. In time, the fences and barns are torn down and sold as reclaimed lumber.

These boards, weathered by nature, carry a unique charm that adds character to our products. The meticulous process involves denailing, sorting for quality, planing, ripping, and molding, resulting in flooring and paneling boards that seamlessly blend rustic allure with modern elegance.

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